Economic Impact

America's SBDC Arizona Network (AZSBDC) is a successful program that uses funds wisely and has a positive, statewide impact that reaches throughout the community. Demand is increasing, our role is expanding and we are making the most of our resources to ensure that we help Arizona small businesses start, survive, and succeed in even the most challenging economic climate.

2022 Network-Wide Economic Impact

Federal Fiscal year-end results for the AZSBDC Network include these highlights:

  • Clients Counseled and/or Trained: 9,133
  • Jobs Created or Retained: 2,910
  • Business Starts: 500
  • Capital Formation: Over $137 million
  • Increased Sales: More than $136 million

Our economic impact numbers are reported and verified through a multi-step process to ensure their accuracy. Read about that process in Understanding Economic Impact.

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