Strategic Planning

Often, business owners and managers leave tomorrow to take care of itself as they deal with what has to be done today.

The reality is that many start-up businesses fail within the first five years. Creating a strategic plan increases the odds of success by providing clear direction and the steps necessary to achieve a business’s goals. The process itself also pays dividends by:

  • Revealing ideas gathered from employees;
  • Motivating managers and employees through their participation;
  • Capturing a common understanding of the company’s mission;
  • Getting the whole team moving in the same direction;
  • Building teamwork.

Completing the strategic plan also provides an excellent opportunity to

  • Communicate the company’s direction on a broad basis to employees;
  • Describe and emphasize the company’s values.

Your AZSBDC Business Analyst Can Work With You To:

Serve as an Outside Facilitator

  • Keep the process forward-looking to long-term issues;
  • Move participants out of the current, comfortable frame of thinking;
  • Maximize participation in the process;
  • Avoid having current crises slow down the process.

Assist with an Internal Analysis

  • Help you assess the company’s:
    • Financial history;
    • Accomplishment history;
    • Strengths and weaknesses;
    • Existing resources;
    • Current organization;
    • Perceived existing problems.

Conduct an External Analysis

  • Help you examine:
    • Industry trends;
    • Government policy;
    • Sociologic and economic factors;
    • The characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of each competitor;
    • How the company measures up to its competition.


  • Guide you in creating
    • A Vision Statement that clearly describes what the company should look like in three to five years;
    • A Mission Statement;
    • Strategy, goals and action plans;
    • Timelines;
    • Due dates;
    • Assignments and delegation of tasks.

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Guide To Small Business Planning

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