The success of a business depends primarily on the effectiveness of its people. Key to creating that success is how you hire, train, motivate and reward workers.

Success will increase as you:

  • Get employees to understand and appreciate the direction of the company;
  • Let employees play a role in making decisions;
  • Give employees respect and care.

A business must also adequately manage other assets that play a key role in its profitability and survival. They include technology, equipment, inventory and accounts receivable.

Your AZSBDC Business Analyst Can Work With You To:


  • Guide you in determining the skills and experience that your employees must have;
  • Help you understand the hiring process;
  • Help you create employee job descriptions and standards of performance.

Procedures and Policies

  • Discuss fringe benefit and employee incentive programs;
  • Help you create employee and management handbooks that describe your company policy;
  • Explore how you intend to work with employees on such issues as safety and expected behavior;
  • Work with you to create an organizational structure that helps you allocate tasks;
  • Help you develop a management system that includes plan development.

Management Team Development

  • Assess each member of your management team to determine development needs;
  • Offer a wide range of  training seminars and workshops. See our Events page.

Inventory and Cash Management

  • Offer suggestions on how to measure your business success;
  • Help you pinpoint areas to improve;
  • Work with you to determine the amount of inventory you need to support your business;
  • Suggest approaches to collecting what your customers owe you on a timely basis.

Guide To Small Business Planning

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