Company Culture

A company’s culture is defined by

  • How employees feel about their work;
  • How employees’ feelings are reflected in their dealings with each other and the public.

It is Culture that makes a company’s Vision a reality.

Positive Company Culture

Having a positive and supportive company culture means that every employee and manager knows what is expected of them and why each person is central to the company’s success. A positive company culture is driven by a cohesive, integrated management system that guides the actions of employees and managers toward the company’s Vision.

Negative Company Culture

If the company culture has underlying negative aspects or is out of sync with its Vision, the company will chase and miss its goals and not know why.

When employees don’t know what’s expected of them or how to accomplish expectations, managers:

  • Can be driven by conflicting goals, such as emphasizing short-term goals ahead of the long-term vision;
  • Can find themselves developing their own processes, because the company’s are ineffective or irrelevant;
  • Can decide to give up because it doesn’t seem to matter anyway.

Creating a Management System

Every process in a management system must support the company’s Vision and every other process. There must be a natural flow from one process to another. Management system components include processes for:

  • Business planning;
  • Budgeting;
  • Setting targets;
  • Measuring performance;
  • Designing incentive plans.

Building a management system can take time. The beginning will seem awkward and paper-driven. Once the system is running, however, the processes will become virtually automatic. This will create and nurture a strong, positive company culture.

Your AZSBDC Business Analyst Can Work With You To:

Strategic Planning

Our Facilitators can guide you through the process of deciding:

  • What the company should be or look like in three to five years (the Vision);
  • What needs to be done today to make that vision a reality (Action Plans).

Annual Planning and Budgeting

Our Analysts can:

  • Explain how to translate the strategic plan into a detailed operating plan and budget for the upcoming year;
  • Provide instructions and forms on how to create an annual operating plan and budget.

Job Descriptions and Standards of Performance

We have forms and instructions to help you:

  • Create an organization plan that outlines what major functions and responsibilities are assigned to which company departments;
  • Draw up job descriptions for every employee so that employees can understand their roles in accomplishing the company’s Vision.

Guide To Small Business Planning

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