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The AZSBDC Network is excited to announc Investor Pitch! at the Chandler Science and Innovations Incubator. You can participate as an attendee at either (or both) of these two events, or apply to go through the investor pitch experience and receive valuable feedback on your business from a panel of experts.

Registration is free but due to limited seating, you MUST register for either (or both) of these two events at the following link. If you want to learn about the investment process and what it takes to put together an Investor pitch, you are encouraged to attend both of these events.

1. Investor Pitch workshop: Do’s and Don’ts (Tuesday 2/26; 7:30-9 AM)

2. Investor Pitch Clinic: Panel feedback (Thursday 4/4; 1-5 PM)

For those of you who would like to get feedback from a panel of experts on their investor pitch, you will need to apply for this event by attending the 1st event on 2/26.

Investor Pitch workshop: Do’s and Don’ts
Place: Innovations, City of Chandler Science and Technology incubator
Tuesday 2/26
7:30 AM -9 AM

“You Only Get One Chance to Make a Good First Impression”
presented by Tom Swann, SBDC Business Analyst

An entrepreneur never knows when he or she may be called upon to pitch their company to a potential investor. It may be verbal, Internet based or printed media. It may come at a social gathering or meeting someone in the hallway at a conference who is just looking for a place to get some coffee. Or, it may come under very controlled conditions like pitching to a group of Angel or Venture Capital Investors at an Investor Event. However it may happen, you will only have one chance to make a good first impression. Tom will explain what you need to have to always be ready!

“Preparing Client Companies for Investment Funding”
presented by Sanjay Dhole SBDC Technology Coordinator and Business Analyst

An entrepreneur needs to understand the overall business process, be able to recognize when the company is ready for outside investment, the critical communication tools and how to outline a standard 10-minute pitch. Sanjay will also identify the top 10 investor pitch mistakes.

Maricopa SBDC Business Analyst Tom Swann and Maricopa SBDC Technology Coordinator and Business Analyst Sanjay Dhole

Special Instructions
Seating is limited. For more information contact Sanjay Dhole at or phone him at 480-784-0591

To register for this event:
Place: Innovations, City of Chandler Science and Technology incubator
Thursday, April 4, 2013 1 pm – 5 pm

Companies (up to 8) interested in making their investor pitch to an experienced panel who will critique your presentation at this event will need to attend the first event on 2/26/2013 and submit their name for consideration. Under the guidance of an SBDC Counselor, create an investor pitch presentation consisting of an executive summary, using the template provided, and a slide presentation per the guidelines. This exercise will prepare entrepreneur on how to prepare investor pitch. even if you are not interested in putting together the pitch you can still attend this event and learn from other’s experience.

All other attendees for this event are welcome to attend to learn and participate in the event.
To register for this event:




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